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When GEH Q and Honcho Collide, Magic Happens

I was on a completely different planet the day I wrote this story folks. One minute, I was enjoying a nice smooth ride down 85 so that I could see DirtySnatcha, Rico Act and Zubah in Greenville, South Carolina, the next minute I was swimming through the gaseous outer layers of Pluto doing the macarena and millie rock. As a great man in Belgium named Delcherro once said, you can pretty much finesse the macarena dance to any Riddim tune in existence. I wanted to put this new collab between GEH Q of the Akatsuki ChopMusic crew and Honcho, a producer from Chicago who is rising up to the call of action with these swanky sounds. I’m actually going to visit mans since Chicago is only a half hour away from my new crib in Palatine.

ZEN” is a mere reminder of the beautiful world that we live, the earth that we walk on, the air that we breathe – a reminder that we must take it easy in life and enjoy the little moments that make us smile. It’s got that ominous wonky flow mixed in with a crafty, awe-inspiring melody and some punchy synths.

I could have sworn that I had heard some VIP of this mega heater crafted with one of the leaders of the FDP Gang. But maybe I was having some moment of delusion. Nevertheless, “BRUH” is insane and it deserves some recognition. I like the aspect of incorporating some fire Hip-Hop verses before punching every listener in the face with this really crunchy and bouncy drop. But let’s be real, those sped up lyrics from Moosh and Twist’s 2017 hit “All of A Sudden” really make this tune pop. I like how both DIVIS and GEH Q x GLOCKZ were able to sample these lyrics to make their own perspective bangers (“Louis Backpack“). I like how the initial style of the tune features a catchy tambourine, clap, and drum combo that changes to pure destruction in the matter of seconds. This is a certified banger folks. Much love to Pilout all the way in France. Thank you for the wild sounds!

Now back to Honcho. I just can’t get past the fact that Honcho was playing the 4th of July gathering held by the Wub Life Ent guys at the staple Riddim club better known as Bass Station. I couldn’t quite make it out that early, but I know that this just means that whenever I do get to see the man DJ, it will be ten times more amazing because I waited. In the meanwhile, this wompy tuna known as “ACE” will have to hold me over. It’s got high pitch gasps, old school 2014 style synths, a dramatic interaction between two angry fellas from some movie I can’t name, and that squeaky sound your car makes whenever you rub it with a sponge – the recipe for a perfect Riddim banger.

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– Zyven

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