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When Infekt Murked West Virginia (CLUSTXR Music Festival Review)

 It’s been almost a month since I last caught a set from one of my all time favorite human beings and Dubstep producers to ever hit this planet. While I always jokingly tell people that INFEKT is from Hamburg, the true to heart Bavaria, Germany Monster is worth talking about to your Riddim loving, 70bpm shoulder poppin’, booty shakin’ friends. Back in June I had the pleasure of driving thirteen hours straight from the Electric Forest so that I could make it on time for my exciting performance at the Blind Tiger – the night where North Carolina almost got decimated by INFEKT, Oolacile and MurDa. Flash forward a whole week, and I’m now leaving one of the most amazing festivals of my life, the oh so unique Yonderville, so that I could make it at Shaka’s Live in Virginia Beach to catch another statewide debut from INFEKT. Without a doubt, the badmon murked the great assortment of Virginia, DC, Maryland and who knows it wobble Monsters in the crowd. But let me tell you right now – the West Virginia debut was by far, my absolute favorite! Here’s why.

     I wholeheartedly believe that every human is capable of growing their skills in a craft that they are truly passionate about. Whether it’s improving your tennis serve, or making your wire wrap coils just a little bit tighter, or playing Riddim in front of an American audience, we have the ability to grow and prosper! As I approached my new buddy who was posted up by the catering table near the green room, his face went from an emotionless state to a full blown smile. I said it once, and I’ll say it again “Real recognize real” – Riley Freeman. I asked Christian, what had he been up to in the past month. He had to think about it for a second, but the main answer was playing shows! While I was hoping to hear some crazy stories, I’m glad to know that the one and only Infekt is happy, his ladyfriend is doing great, and overall, he’s learning what life is like in the United States, and growing to be a better person with each passing day. At least I hope so Christian!

     It was now time for my favorite performance of the entire weekend to take place. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a total Infekt nerd, and I love everything about the guy’s style, craft and ability to create good quality Riddim, and more so, his ability to spin it in a live setting. “I love how the kids in America love Riddim so much” said Infekt at his Virginia debut. I was really curious to see how the CLUSTXR kids would respond to what would be one of the heaviest sets of the entire weekend. (Ps. They love it). Since the crowd was still in the growing phase, this meant that I had a little extra room to dance around and get my Riddim walk on. My heart was heavy as I got to witness one of my favorite performers strike again with the heaviest assortment of tunes such as Projectile“, “Activated and “Glock Dance.”

I read in a recent Facebook postWhat is your favorite Riddim watermark” and kids were answering things like the deep grunt “MONSTERS”, or “wuh Wuh Wuh Wuh Wobbly gang“, another kid said his favorite was “DJ come with a chune”. You should have seen my face when I heard that familiar, gangster “Psycho Blockz” lyric, which meant that Infekt was about to drop a nasty, filthy, disgusting double! Throughout his entire set, fans were freaking out that the endless amount of crazy routines that Infekt had up his sleeve. I remember losing my mind when Infekt dropped tunes such as “Captain Crunch“, “Vengeance Blockz” and “Double Arcade“.

   A few other memorable tunes include his performance of Journey to Mars and Raptor 2015. Would you believe me if I told you that I took a seven minute break to slouch on the couch that was only a few short feet away from the DJ area, while I munched on some catered southern food and watched one of my favorite producers throw down one of the best sets of his life? While I have no intentions on leaving this planet any time soon, I could definitely say that I would die happy knowing that really happened.

    As far as the dancing goes… I can only think of a few occasions where I was throwing down hard, on a whole other level of Riddim Blockout (where you ignore everything else taking pace in reality and solely focus on the DJ in front of you and whatever dance moves your body comes up with). Jam P R D, CHMST, 12th Planet, Gram Greene and now INFEKT have put me in the Blockout Zone, and I couldn’t be happier! Before I knew it, Dre TRUTH was getting his set up ready as Infekt threw down one last heater for his die hards to enjoy. CHRISTIAN, my brother. Thank you for such an amazing performance – I’m very glad that you were a part of my summer experience. Sending you love and positivity form Charlotte my friend!

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