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These New SLIMEZ and THROWDOWN Tunes Will Make You Drop!

     To all of those reading this piece.. Do you have a death wish? At twenty three years of age, I can certainly say that I have zero interest in leaving this earth.. for at least another hundred years! Hopefully they’ll have some kind of tool to keep me healthy and alive past eighty – a guy can dream! How do you like carrying out your days? If your answer has anything to do with the word music, then you’re in absolute luck. Today, I managed to come across a grotesque new tune created by the likes of Los Angeles headbanger and sound bender SLIMEZ, that recently dropped on Shadow Phoenix Network. “Death Wish” was created in collaboration with Miami marauder, THROWDOWN – the heavy nature of this tune might have you checking your pulse once it reaches the end. Are you ready to be teleported to a dimension in which you must defend yourself against the enemies who spread this evil contagion all over the States? This is no joke people – grab your bass cannons because you’re in for the adventure and challenge of a lifetime. Click play below to begin your own journey to defend the helpless with SLIMEZ and THROWDOWN. (Also, huge shout out to my home girl Candace from the Carolinas for putting me on to SLIMEZ!)


BONUS: SLIMEZ x MIKEY CEASER – “Unleash The Beast”


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– Zyven

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