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When The Lucas Brothers Comically Blessed Charlotte [2018 Review]

   How lucky are we to live in a world where true fanatics of the art of comedy take the time to build up clubs specifically for this universe’s funniest people to showoff their skills? Can you think of a time that you died laughing at your local comedy club? Everyt ime I want to get a good laugh in, I head over to Charlotte’s Comedy Zone – they often bring in some truly hilarious acts like George López, Sinbad and Chris D’Elia. Somehow, on the same week that Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, world class reggae group SOJA, and the Dirtybird hero Justin Martin came to the Queen City, two hilarious twins blessed Charlotte with their debut appearance to tell some hilarious stories about their adventures in life. The Charlotte Sessions presents The Lucas Brothers Invade Charlotte (with Mookie).


 It was a beautiful Saturday night – the sky had just turned from a light blue into an extravagant color combination of red, orange, yellow and pink that truly gave me an appreciation for the world we live in. But most importantly, I was about to experience a night filled with unknown jokes by the two hilarious twins who played the identical drug dealers in the infamous comedy film, 22 Jump Street. I had just walked through the double door entrance where I was greeted by a nice gentlemen who kindly had a young lady show me where my seat was. I spotted an empty chair at table fifty, which laid smack dab in the middle of the building, directly in front of the stage. I barely had a chance to sit my happy self down before the opening comic stopped dead in the middle of his joke to comment on my luscious Meraki Hat. There was no doubt in the world that I was going to wear my new hat to the Lucas Brothers show – I wanted to see if the comics could go their whole performance without making a comment or joke about my headgear. But it took this mysterious funny man, Mookie Thompson, all about five second before saying something about the Professor’s cap. “Well look at who just walked in… The King of Russia” shouts Mookie. If I could have recorded the crazy things that were coming out of this man’s mouth regarding my hat, I would have some awfully great soundbits for a fat Dubstep single. Too bad phones weren’t allowed and I don’t produce music.. yet.

 My table was filled with three women who I had never met before – but Mookie didn’t know this. He looked at my neighbor and said “Do you wear that hat when you two bang?” She had to clear it up quick that she’s never met me a day in her life. But I know she loved the hat too. Mookie had a complete Don’t give a f*ck attitude as he told some highly inappropriate jokes that aren’t safe for the internet. But I will tell you this – this man confirmed that it’s okay to tell jokes about being so high on weed that he watched a movie on pause for seven minutes straight. These things happen to the best of us brother. I appreciate the good roast, thank you for the double round of applause. I didn’t think I would get more cheers than Mookie that night, but I’ll take it!

   Up next was the moment I had been eagerly waiting for – the debut of the Lucas Brothers. The identical twins peacefully walked on stage sporting matching army beige California swag jackets, funny trucker caps and some oddball colored converses. While they tried to look serious as they approached the crowd, Keith, or Kenny (I’m not sure which) immediately cracked a smile as he looked over in my direction, pointed at my head and slowly said “the hat“. That’s how this new friendship began.

The fellas soon began introducing themselves to the eager crowd filled with fans of their hit comedy show, Lucas Brothers Moving Co. and the infamous 22 Jump Street – their preemptive chuckles told me that they already thought the Charlotte crowd was going to be a good time. How many of you can reflect on your school/college days and tell me that you had a funny (and sometimes a little awkward) pair of twins in one of your classes? We had five in my small, sixty person middle school class. I would be willing to bet my favorite pair of socks that anyone who went to school with Lucas Brothers back in the day could share a few good stories with us. Even though they didn’t talk about it directly, the twins have a closer connection to North Carolina than they lead on – they used to live in the furniture capital of the world! Also known as the city of High Point.

 The energy grew thick in the air as the Lucas Brothers started telling us a little bit more about their lives and their involvement in the comedy industry. But there were a few stories and zingers that had me absolutely dying, which I feel like you all will appreciate! One of them involves some powerful mushrooms that took the Lucas Brothers’ night on a whole other level. “Have you ever tripped with a n**** that looks just like you? Things start to get weird.” I also learned something new about my faith. Did you know that it’s pretty much impossible to be a fan of Limp Bizkit and believe in Jesus? Sometimes the Bizkit life is just a little more important for fellas like the Lucas Brothers, and I think that “Rollin” is pretty incredible song. I felt the crowd grow anxious as the twins started talking about politics. But their carefree nature makes talking about Black Republicans and Socialism a whole lot easier.

    I’m almost certain, and I totally could be wrong, but I’m almost certain that Stephen Jenkins has caught wind of the Lucas Brothers cracking jokes about his band Third Eye Blind – “It’s a known fact that all white people listen to Third Eye Blind” crooned Kenny and Keith. Also, my friends, if you add ten points to the Comedy Zone scoreboard for every weed joke made by Lucas Brothers, you’d have enough points to trade in for your own very Jersey backwoods and smoke it with the brothers. While it was slightly heartbreaking watching the Lucas Brothers walk off stage, my buddy Bryan told me that they would be coming to the entrance of the club to meet all the fans who stuck around. Naturally, I waited for my turn to meet the Keith and Kenny and let them know how much I appreciated their performance. It was as if we had known each other for years! Maybe the Lucas Brothers are severely lying about their age? I feel like they’re really twenty three, and I must have ran into them at the Oak Hollow mall several years ago. Nevertheless, I couldn’t have asked for a better comedic experience! Big ups Lucas Brothers, and Mookie, I will continue to tell your tale until my lungs collapse!

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