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When Toadface met the FLY [NEW Insane Collaboration]

Who is FLY? And how does he successfully get into the studio with Dayton, Ohio’s Toadface and come out alive without any trace of a concussion or injury? Last time I checked, Toadface loves eating bugs for breakfast, lunch, and any other occasion where bugs might be present. But to no surprise, our brother from the Toad Faith has linked up with a fellow Bass music producer from Los Angeles who goes by the name of FLY. After exploring FLY’s collection of SoundCloud releases, one can immediately tell that this musician has a passion for creating strange and authentic sounds (check out Bengali and Zinc“).

    As I let SoundCloud take authority over my electronic audible journey, my whole being was soon teleported to the crafty and mysterious world of FLY and Toadface. Their joint creation, “Splitter” is the ultimate alien jungle anthem for the thousands of alternate beings roaming around this earth. If you’ve taken a liking to music that sounds peculiar, out of the ordinary, and often times, questionably grimey, then you will definitely fall in love with “Splitter.” Big ups one the new music gentlemen. Also, much love to Todd Toadface for slaying his recent performance in Charlotte during the Temple of Noom tour stop 🙂 Thank you for a great experience!

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– Zyven

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