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When Two Worlds Collide: Forreign & AOWL

When two worlds that I truly respect and admire collide, I get goose bumps. And so should you my friends, because the only spooky chills you’re getting today are due to Dubstep music. I’m very proud to say that the United States has been invaded by a Foreign Owl. While this may sound like a code name for a secret Russian spy that is trying to infiltrate our government, it’s actually the name I’ve given two special producers from Colorado and Pennsylvania when they collaborate their deadly talents behind a DAW. A few of you might know that in my lifetime, I’ve managed to put together a handful of interviews that have truly made me proud to be a journalist. One of these Q&A sessions took place with non other than the Colorado “Bomb Time” producer, AOWL. His close friends might refer to him as Kaleb, but in the world of Riddim and Dubstep, we like to keep things respectful and give credit where it’s due – he will forever be, the one and only AOWL. I can’t wait to see you spin one day bud. Thank you for the great music.

On the other end of the spectrum, I was asked by my brother Anthony to check out his artist from Pennsylvania who goes by the name of Forreign, and to possibly put together an interview. Only if I dug his sounds of course. Well it turns out that this Scranton based musician has the touch for creating heavy and diverse tune with an immense amount of unique and powerful flow. We had a chance to talk about his career as a producer and where he was at in life when he created the Transfiguration EP. I have had the pleasure of meeting Wasam in person at High Caliber Music Festival in New Jersey. I think I also saw him at the Philadelphia JusGlo Warehouse which was a whole different experience on its own. I should also warn you that Forreign and Hukae made a song together called “Flow” – while Griefer brought forth his style on “Dolla Signs.” While we’re at it, I want you to enjoy this five way collab between Zarian, AOWL, Forreign, SORA and Manamiz.

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– Zyven
 (The Riddim Professor)

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