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When Warriors Unite: the Ultimate Packback and ECTO Collab

I’m not even quite sure where to begin with this one, but I know you’re going to love what you hear. Ladies and gentlemen, it has come to my attention that the Kentucky based heavy hitting Dubstep producer rightfully known as Packback has teamed up with Saskatchewan’s underground bass wrecker, the one and only ECTO, to bring forth a brand new neck cranking single called “FAWK“. It hones this name for a very good reason too – Packback and ECTO have defied all of my expectations with this neavy heater. I’d be lying if I didn’t yell out some obscenities while getting grimey to “FAWK” for the first time. I can definitely tell that Packback was responsible for this filthy because it reminds me of one of the best Riddim tunes of all time, *Cue “Futurama“*

But folks, seriously, Packback and ECTO decided to take a very dark turn on their new collaboration. There’s quite a lot going on here as far as creativity goes – you can basically find every Riddim lover’s favorite sounds in “FAWK“. From the low growls, to the Naruto ninja moves, to the the high pitch squeeks, to the relentles lazers, to the ominous lingering tone that makes this tune as gnarly as it is, I can comfortably say that ECTO and Packback nailed this one on the head perfectly. I bet this is what it feels like to walk around an abandoned Six-Flags in New Orleans on mushrooms. Smash that play button below and grab that Free download and support the WARRIORS till the end of time.

Thank you for the great sounds Evan and Shay ?

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Warriors, Come out to play! 

– Zyven

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