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When Zetta and Wavemode Team Up, They Create Destructive MAGIC!

      Who’s looking for that liquid Riddim Banger to get their week started off the right way? Well look no further, Zetta and Wavemode have got you completely covered in all departments necessary for the proper Riddim chune, perfect for getting you in the right state of mind! When “Embers” first came to my attention, I felt like I had just discovered a new Emerald mine hidden in the depths of North Carolina. But as reality has it, I was actually at work trying to motivate myself to wake up and get things crackin’. For those of you who are just now reading the names Zetta and Wavemode for the very first time, welcome to the next phase of your life. These two badmon are a few of the heavy hitting artists to come out of the far lands of Brazil – last year the two cyborgs released a track called “Departure” that gained a lot of traction in the underground Dubstep community, and now they’re ready to share something even greater!

     Fast-forward to the Fall season of this incredible 2018 year to where Zetta and Wavemode run into each other at a metal shop in the depths of São Paulo, as they’re rummaging through parts to build their own cybernetic Bass music AI. Rather than creating two separate beings who run the risk of fighting one another in the near future, the two madmen have decided to craft only one sentient being to take over the world. The early phases of creation for this machine known as “Embers”, kick forth a series of crunchy bass pops and dripping bells for the Wobblemonsters all over our planet to enjoy. This is the type of tune you play on your phone at 7 am on a Sunday at some random music festival to see where the Riddim Rats are hiding. The true to heart shoulder poppers will definitely be joining you for this addicting new single! Uh oh, do I hear a “Riddim Conga line” forming behind me?

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Mad things happen when the Brazilians Attack!

– Zyven

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