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Where Did MVRVELS Come From, and Why am I Late?

TI remember discovering a fire Dubstep track on my ride to Rothbury, Michigan just a few short weeks ago, and I was thinking to myself, “Holy shit, Gentlemens Club released a new tune, and this sounds absolutely amazing.” But boy was I wrong – before I knew it, I was shifting around through the Riddem SoundCloud page, owned by non other than Los Angeles based bad mon, mister XaeboR, trying to figure out what on earth I had just discovered. But I was in fact, no where near the money when I started shooting off guesses in my head – I was now tuned in to the world of MVRVELS. This duo hails all the way from the West Coast, Cali-for-ni-a to be exact! Their special Riddem release, showcases an array of high quality, grungy, musty sounds that might make you drop at your feet without a seconds notice, but the unknown pattern in their music will pick you right up and have you headbanging quicker than you can say “Was that Big Grizmatik on stage at Okee?” I was amazed at the things I found out once I left that glorious festival.  Maybe if we’re lucky, the La Verne, Cali based duo will show up for the weekend and play some renegade RV parties for all of us to enjoy!

But wait, there’s more. “Zap Cannon” is EXTREMELY FUEGO and must be heard.

Their tune Combat is also severely pumpin’ as well!

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– Zyven

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