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Who are JOINT EFFORT? [The Wild Drum N’ Bass Discovery]

I can’t recall the last time I wrote a story about a Drum N’ Bass tune. It’s not that I don’t fancy the peculiar and fast paced genre, I just absolutely love writing about Riddim Dubstep and alien sounds. It really takes something special to get my attention. Today while I was parousing through SoundCloud, I managed to discover a duo from Brisbane, Australia that truly have a passion for Drum N’ Bass and Jump Up. They go by the name of JOINT EFFORT, and they want you to know that it takes two to tango.

I was finishing up a story about KaBASS which kind of led me to a rabbit hole that eventually took me to the land of JOINT EFFORT. They have twenty four releases on the cloud, and while all of them are remixes, so far, I’ve heard nothing but fire. They’re big supporters of a lot of the producers that I’ve come to know and love. Their Aweminus Magic Short Bus” and “Thot Elimination” remixes are rampant enough to make the fat lady sing twice.

But their Calcium remixes might make you question your whole existence, because you’ll wish you discovered them sooner.

And their Peekaboo x G-REX Babatunde” remix will have you running in circles with scissors in your hands. Be careful, you have been warned.

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– Zyven
(The Riddim Professor)

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