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Discovering My Favorite Abelation Song

Have you ever discovered a song that made you question all facets of reality and the current world that we exist in? Has a song ever helped you transform into the true being that you always knew existed deep down in the pits of your soul? Folks, I have been meaning to write about this special creation by the Bay Area legend in the making for quite some time now – the able boy who has proven to rock all nations by use of intricate grunges and growls, often flexing the filthiest drops and intergalactic props while crafting his sound. My friends, this young bass lord needs no introduction, but it would be a injustice to do so – without further a do, I now proudly present you, the one and only, Abelation

     But how exactly did I come to discover this unique craft titled “All Day Everyday” by the sixteen year old wubgineer Abelation? It so happens that one of my hometown friends, Tommy, manages the cyborg under his passionate envision known as Dream Catcher Talent Group, along with a series of artists such as Tvboo and Shanghai Doom; so one day, when I was recalling all of the experiences he’s encountered in working with these artists, I decided to give Abelation a listen and see which tunes I enjoyed the most – cue the grimiest Robot anthem I have ever heard.

 I knew I had picked a real winner when I saw my Connecticut Alien Duchess Briana share a video of Mystic Grizzly dropping this impeccable Abelation tune. “All Day Everyday” is the ingenious reminder that our generation is quickly adapting to the technology that is constantly being thrown in our faces on a daily basis. It’s okay to release our inner robot every now and then, but it’s important to get out the junkyard, roll around outside and stretch those gears. Or maybe it’s just a signal to all of those secret androids hiding with each and every one of you! Now folks… It’s time to catch Abelation smash his North Carolina debut at the Blind Tiger! On this day, April 6th of 2019, we Create. history.



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Welcome to the Abelnation

– Zyven

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