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Who is Cody Cordova? [The California Headbanger Interview]

X-Rated Dubstep.

      Ladies and gentlemen, I have one, simple question for you. What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? I personally want to travel all over the world make friends in countries that your average person wouldn’t visit, give out a few dinosaurs and handmade rings to some deserving folks. But for Los Angeles based sound morphing machine, Cody Cordova, the answer varies. While Cody enjoys getting to know different cultures around the world, what truly motivates him is his ability to make people dance through music.

I asked Cody how he got into the music scene and this is what he told me:

I started my music career by playing the violin for 8+ years. I dove into classical and baroque music , with Vivaldi and Paganini being my two favorite composers. This was from elementary school through high school. Around the end of middle school my older brother, Kyle Cordova, started teaching me how to make beats in FL Studios. In the beginning I started out making basic Hip-Hop beats and remixes. It wasn’t until Sophomore year of highschool when I got put on to Electronic Music and Dubstep. When I truly recognized the Dubstep sound, I knew deep down that’s what I wanted to produce. So I deducted my young adult life to now, teaching myself and learning how to produce killer Dubstep! I moved to LA when I was 19 and started going to shows and networking. That’s where I met all my Dubstep heroes and idols. Fast forward almost 4 years and now they are all my good friends.

It’s always exciting hearing a producer’s background in the world of music. Do you enjoy DJing as well brother?

Yessir I do DJ! I would say I’ve officially been dj’ing since 16 years old and I’m about to turn 23 on April 15th. My parents got me 2 Harbinger 15s speakers and an Amp for my 16th birthday. That’s what’s started my DJ career haha.

I started playing random house parties for fun in highschool. Then I realized that I could start charging money. Then boom, my professional DJ career was starting. I was dj’ing private parties all over Sacramento, then when I moved to LA I continued to DJ private parties. 

It was tough moving to a whole new area and trying to get clients but I made it happen. I used Google Maps, Yelp, my own personal website, and ads to help get myself out there. Through my own promo and word of mouth I have been able to get private DJ gigs all throughout LA. t took me a while to get there but finally I feel it’s right. I bring all my equipment, speakers, lights, etc. And always guarantee to provide a surreal sound experience.


Last question, who are some producers and non EDM musicians that heavily inspire you whenever you’re crafting your own sounds?

The producers and musicians that I look up to for my own productions vary across a wide spectrum. For the Dubstep side of things, artists such as Aweminus, Blankface, Bloodthinnerz, Definitive, Infekt, Obey, Invictous, Deemed, Barron, Subject 31, and Subfiltronik. I really enjoyed what Savage Society and The Monsters were putting out. They pretty much shaped my 2010-2014 years, which was also my high school years haha (go Cordova High ?). Other electronic artists I enjoyed during this time were Flux Pavillion, Dillon Francis, The McMash Clan, Hucci, and Stooki Sound. My electronic music taste has evolved so much since 2014. I used to only enjoy dark and heavy Dubstep and riddim, now I went full spectrum and love house, techno, drum n bass, neuro, etc. For composers I really enjoy the works of Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi, Paganini, and Brahms. For rap and hip hop I really enjoy the works of Kendrick Lamar, Mac Dre, E40, Too $hort, Keek da Sneak, Mozzy, J Stalin, Celly Ru, D-Lo, Young Curt, and DB Tha General. I also dived into deathcore and stuff with bands like Job For a Cowboy, Knights of the Abyss, and The Faceless. I also really love Rnb and soul music so I was slapping folks like Masego, Krs., Vada, Eileen Sho Ji, Nehzuil, and Jeftuz.

You are a man of good taste! You named some absolute gems in here! Thanks for taking the time to do this with us brother!

You can now stream Cody Cordova’s new tune, “Chugga Chugga” for some filthy, OG Dubstep vibes. 

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Cody Cordova is Here For the Long Run Folks

– Zyven

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