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Who Is Geeku? Pennsylvania’s Afro Riddim Machine

There are a lot of fun aspects about the underground Riddim Dubstep Community that I have come to know and love. One of those is the opportunity to meet a lot of like minded freaks around the globe who share the same passion for this swampy, bouncy, sometimes appropriately cringing and very often anime induced genre. I think for most people, Riddim is an absolute acquired taste that must be appreciated over the course of an undefined amount of time, but for others, it’s a way of life. I can think of one certain robot who’s origins date back to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, that has been actively pushing his sound to other members of the RDC, and today I’m here to share his sounds with you. Without further ado, I now present the spicy and eloquently wonky flow of GEEKU.

It wasn’t very long ago when I first heard GEEKU’s crafty release on Dead Cell Audio, “The Toad“. I’ll never forget my mid-shower reaction that took over every fiber of my body the very second the drop kicked in – it was as if I had teleported from My bathroom to an alien Kung-Fu dojo somewhere in the mountains in the Far Far East. If you’re a big fan of that authetic, raw, gruesome sound with a mix of anime ninja noises that all of us Riddim Robots truly know and love, then you will quickly be rocking with “The Toad“.

A few days ago, GEEKU blessed the universe with a brand new EP that is destined for greatness. The Random Shit EP, as it will be known for all of eternity, is a collection of some of the most powerful and friendly flow tunes that have hit the face of the internet. For fans of that classic Riddim chop and drop sound inspired by tunes like GamabuntaPoppin Lazers VIP, then you will heavily enjoy “Aryoo High“. Jump Up and Drum N Bass lovers will rejoice upon the sounds “Dobs“, while true Riddim snobs will enjoy the raunchy sound of “Popcopy“. Last, but certainly not least, is a special tune called “Post Up“, it’s basically the audible representation of a virtual world in which GEEKU takes form of a small blue hedgehog and spends his days running around tropical islands collecting coins – the ultimate hype tune. Much love and respect to No Hype Music for releasing this great project – thank you for giving GEEKU the love and energy that he deserves. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY MY FRIENDS.

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Pennsylvania’s Got It Goin On, Thanks to Robots Like GEEKU!

– Zyven

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