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Who is GELLO? [New Music Discovery]

    Ladies and gentlemen! If you pride yourself on discovering the hottest and freshest producers in the world of underground Bass music, then I’ve got a special surprise that I would love to share with all of you! Today, I would like to talk about GELLO. No, quit thinking about the tasty red (or green) treat that your mom used to pack in your lunch box when you were a kid! GELLO is a talented rising musician from Denver, Colorado who has a true passion for creating highly entertaining and triple bounce worthy tunes. The three track EP features a variety of sounds that showcases GELLO’s ability to adapt to different styles, and I can certainly get down with some Colorado variety!

    At first listen, bass music lovers are immediately taken on a trip down memory lane as GELLO samples the likes of one history’s all time favorite producers, Skrillex – the “Weekends!!!” vibes have inspired the Mile High City producer to create his own rendition titled “Hang With Gello.” This Bass roller coaster will definitely take you on an action packed, magnetic ride!

Up next, we have a special dance floor heater known as “Spoons“, that showcases a funky Bass House type style designed to get listeners movin’ and groovin’ within seconds. The fact that GELLO is willing to include different styles in his project really says a lot about him. But folks, we have to give utter and complete props to the young producer for saving the filthiest and heaviest tune for last – true to heart Dubstep aficionados will find a lot of solace in “Dracula’s Manor 2.0“.

I have a lot of love for any Dubstep tune that samples TV show and movie scenes, maybe that’s why I really enjoy listening to Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Subtronics. If you enjoy breaking your neck to the newest and baddest producers in our ever growing scene, then I highly suggest smashing play on “Draculas Manor 2.0“. Thank you for the great music GELLO!

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– Zyven

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