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Who is Gummy Kid? Malaysian Bass Prodigy Alert!

Did you know that the South Asian country known as Malaysia is actually split up on two separate masses of land? The eastern one is on an island that is also home to a huge portion of Indonesia, and a really small country that’s about the size of Delaware; called Brunei. Malaysia is also known for their unique monarchy, where one of nine state leaders is pronounced king for exactly five years (sharing is caring). If you were feeling really adventurous, you could take a five thousand mile road trip from Norway to Malaysia, and only have to cross through Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Burma, and Thailand. I could keep going but I’d rather introduce you to my favorite new discovery about this special country at the very bottom of the Eurasian landmass, a hustlin’ young producer who goes by the name Gummy Kid.

I’ve never met anyone from Malaysia before, so I was really hyped to come across an email from this artist named Gummy Kid who just so happened to make fire Dubstep music nearly ten thousand miles away from my home in North Carolina. That walk and swim would take a lifetime to complete – but as I ponder the thought of traveling ten thousand miles using my arms and legs, the wonky synths in Gummy Kid’s newest EP snap me back to reality. If you’re a fan of any aspect of Dubstep music, you’re in absolute luck – this kid is a wizard. The Bloodshot EP is a close look at the heavy artillery that Gummy Kid has hiding under his belt. Since all four creations are wild, I want to share a little bit about what makes each one of them great in their own way. Much love to Poltergeist Records for publishing this insane project.


I’ll never forget a lesson my buddy Malcolm taught me back when we were seventeen and on the verge of graduating high school – what we knew about music back then versus what we know now has drastically changed, though I know this message still holds true for my friend: if the intro track to an album or EP isn’t absolutely incredible, he doesn’t want to listen to the rest of the project. While this is a harsh way of critiquing someone’s musical creation that surely took countless of weeks to put together, it’s safe to say that Gummy Kid completely surpassed this theory.

After listening toBloodshot” several times, it’s safe to say that his selection of melodic vocal samples meshes perfectly with the trap-esque beginning. It almost sounds like a collection of angels singing an unimaginable message in their own secret language. Along with the vocal chops and grimy growls, the way Gummy Kid incorporates the trumpet to beef up his synth patterns stuck out to me as well. This is a certified Dubstep banger. As one final angel sweeps in at the end of the tune to wail her heart out, I can’t help but feel that I’ve now teleported to an arid desert in Egypt as I gasp for my last breath upon making eye contact with the angel of death. I never said that these angels were on our side, did I?


What I really enjoy about the second tune off the Bloodshot EP is the feeling of euphoria that I get when the drop kicks in. I really like the way Gummy Kid builds up his tunes before smacking you in the face with his screeching synths. A lot of his synths sound like variations of robots screaming for mercy – I enjoy the fact that this tune managed to incorporate short vocal selections to add extra emphasis to certain parts that obviously needed it. Little things out of the blue like this definitely add some excitement to any tune, and Gummy Kid managed to figure that out. Anyways, “Get Back To You” goes in!


There is no denying it, “Death Zone” is my favorite tune off this project. Just hit play, and you will know exactly why. I literally feel like I’ve been transformed to a dancing cyborg, except my genes aren’t adapting well and they’re having a battle with the mechanical parts that are trying to take over, thus creating an array of strange dance moves that would stand out at a nightclub in the Queen City. It’s as if Gummy Kid became a machine himself, and learned a completely different method for creating Bass music. The variety of sounds that you’re about to hear will make your day. Start stretching those limbs because its time to dance with Gummy.

Hope To Die

Did you know that an Argentinian architect, Cesar Pelli, designed the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia ( Let me tell you why this is an important thing to know. Argentina is one of the rawest countries for Dubstep producers in this universe. With legends like Artix!, Omar Varela, and LAEM, there is no doubt in my mind the energy that feeds off the Petronas Twin Towers has made its way to Gummy Kid – call me a man of mysticism and faith, but I think this good Argentinian energy has helped Gummy Kid pave his own way in Kuala Lumpur. The introduction of this next track carries a tribal yet seductively thrilling vibe as a soft voice comes into play and draws you in – this is the kind of tune DJ’s play out so guys can get down with their bad Dubstep shawty’s and have a good time. A frantic voice yells out, “Wait. a. f*cking minute” and all the sudden elephant synths crash through the door and alert parts of my brain to get my feet moving and grooving. “Hope To Die” is fire – and so is Gummy Kid.

Much love and respect to you Jeffery – you are a fantastic producer and you’re going to go extremely far. Never stop hustling, never stop grinding – the only way is up my friend. Gummy Kid 5ever.

BONUS: R.A.W. (Sick tune, hit play)

PS. feel free to check out Gummy Radio, a series of special mixes with a good amount of heavy artillery dubs and trap flavored slammers, that Gummy Kid has put together over the course of his career. I wanted to share episode 10 because it is the first time that GK features a guest on his show – and I think this evolution deserves some recognition. Big ups to Lollibus on the mix, and big ups to Gummy Kid for the radio show!

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