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Who Is Jorja Smith? [Heavenly New Music Discovery]

    Who is Jorja Smith? This question boggles me just as much as the next guy. Anyone with a name as unique as Jorja must surely have some special talent to offer this universe, right? Believe it or not, today is the second time this beautiful name has come across my radio screen, while releasing an incredible sound that completely filled up my car with every ounce of bustling joy and energy that it could possibly handle. Amongst all the heavy wubs and thrashing bass, I managed to find bliss in every utterance sung by the Walsall native. While her collection of singles contains familiar and deeply addicting sounds such as “Blue Lights” and “Something In The Way“, I want to showcase two unique Jorja Smith singles that inspired me to share this piece with all of you, my friends!

The One Higher Contrast Remix


While it may seem like the music industry is flooded with singles about chasing love and finding happiness in a special someone, Jorja Smith manages to capture the complete opposite feeling in her new single “The One.” This tune is one of the many beautiful creations that Jorja has included in her new Lost & Found album. The melody of this tune is beyond gorgeous, and the infamous chorus

“I dont’ wanna feel this way
When INeed someone
I don’t wanna need no one
I’m not tryna let you in
Even if I fall, don’t worry”
sounds so much crispier when mixed in with the rapid Drum N Bass twist of Cardiff, Wales legend in the making, High Contrast. If you’ve been asking yourself repeatedly “when am I going to find the one?” Stop. There is absolutely no rush in this world to give our hearts and souls to a sole companion – Jorja Smith might have realized this a long time ago while taking her talents across the globe. Manifest this moment my friends, challenge yourself to take on journeys and goals that only YOU can accomplish. Or go invest everything in another person, it’s your life!

On My Mind

    The second track that I would love to share with you all is called “On my Mind“. There’s something about the rhythm of this single that really makes me want to get out on the dance floor and show off my best dance moves. If you’ve been looking for the perfect single to show off your sheer independence, then you will certainly find peace in the lyrics of Jorja Smith. Here’s a bonus Jersey Club remix that I think you all will absolutely love.

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