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Who is Just John? Get to Know our Spicy Headliner for This December!

I’m so excited to share this wonderful interview with all of you beautiful people. When my friends Logan, Tyler and I were deciding who to bring out to Charlotte this December for the second edition of our So We Heard You’re a Wook series, the name Just John. I was ecstatic to hear that my buddies were down to bring out this wonky alien for his first performance in North Carolina. I’ve been a fan of Just John ever since my brother Ze Trip showed me his tune “Bruh VIP” (Check out the story I wrote about him in 2018). Without further ado, I would like to present the Just John 2019 Interview!

Howdy Just John! How’s it going today brother? Paint us a picture of what a day in your life is like up in the mountains of British Columbia.

I’m doing very good thanks! Well I work full time as a carpenter, so I usually work all week and try to make music as much as I can outside of work ! In the summer I am usually hiking with my wife, chilling at a lake, or doing something outdoors! And during the winter we hibernate and make music haha.

The life of a true British Columbian! Your sounds make me feel like I’m often entering a rocketship launching straight to Mars. Where did you get your start in musical production? Do you have any mentors or are you completely self taught?

Haha I’m glad ! I started around 6 years ago, a friend and I were at Shambhala Music Festival and were mad inspired and both said we wanted to be up there on stage playing music and the only way to get there is to make music, so he bought Ableton gave me a copy and I just never stopped! I never had any mentors really – had help from a friend Bryan here in BC at the beginning of my production journey. He saw that I actually put effort in and he hooked me up a bunch of vsts that helped a lot in the beginning!

Every legend has their story. Tell us a little bit about the Perfect Number EP and your involvement with the SpicyBois.

Well just over a year ago both Hunter and Meso reached out to me asking If I wanted to release on their label. I was already really into Meso’s tunes and loved the releases they had already so I said hell ya and sent them some tunes! My first release with them was “God Damn” which did really good, and after that he asked if I wanted to make an EP for them and I definitely did. I hopped on that quick and was really stoked to have it release on 4/20 last year! That’s a perfect number to me and it was awesome for my first EP to be released on that date through my favorite label/ collective ever!

Spicy Bois for life. Your 4,000 followers celebratory tune with Labs is quite the trip. How did you two go about creating this piece together?

Well I found him one day looking for new music, it was his first release and I instantly loved it and had to give him a repost and follow. After that he messaged me asking if I wanted to make a tune with him, I said hell ya and he sent me the stems. When I first heard it, I knew it was gonna be a heater from the start!

What has been one of your absolute favorite memories from a concert you’ve performed this year?

Playing at Wicked Woods Music fFtival was one of my favourite performances! It was one of the biggest crowds I’ve played to and was just a huge homie fest!

Sounds like a good time! How did you get the idea for your tune Go Low that samples the hefty bars of Ludacris?

I started the tune and made the lead synth and kinda had the first drop planned out. After that I thought it needed some vocals, I have so many Ludacris acapellas and when I was looking for something this one popped out at me and worked very well, so I had to use these vocals!

Well its a fat tune and we’re glad you made it. What’s it like to go see a Just John performance?

It’s like watching your funny awkward best friend DJ/ dance around like an idiot! Usually a lot of hip hop flips in my sets mixed with those wubs we all love!

We’re excited to hear what you’ve got in store for us! What are you most excited about your North Carolina debut coming up on Friday the 13th?

I’m really excited that my wife is coming along with me! Also excited to meet everyone there especially my fellow spicy brother shwiLLyy ! Also get a chance to leave the Canadian winter for a few days so we are pretty stoked about that!

We’re stoked to have you brother. Last but not least, can you share some of your special plans to kick off 2020?

I have a lot of releases lined up that I can not wait to show everyone! Trying to release a song every 2 weeks for as long as I can, so you can look forward to that! Also in the process of setting up a Spring / Summer North American tour so keep an eye out for that !!

2020 is going to be a special year. We’re excited for you John! See you on Friday the 13th!

You can Purchase Tickets to See Just John live in Charlotte with shwiLLy right here!

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