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Who is Kay Warped? The October Special

This November will be one of the most special months that anyone in the Carolinas will ever experience. Why is that you ask? Because November is designed to make people laugh, cheer, rejoice and gather together as we prepare for the end of the year to approach us quickly. But hopefully, the days drag on – who’s really ready to begin a whole new decade? I was a huge fan of this one. The second reason that November will be so legendary is because Kay Warped is coming to perform at the fifth edition of our So We Heard You Like Dubstep series. Get ready for an ultimate showcase of Riddim chops and wonky Bass drops. Let’s give a warm welcome, and wish a big Happy Birthday to Kay Warped.

Hello mister Kay Warped! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions today brother. Tell us, where are you from and how is the Dubstep scene there?
Howdy Ho! Thank you so much allowing me the time to answer these questions! I’m from Lexington, South Carolina which is about 20 minutes from Columbia, South Carolina. So I just tell people I’m from Columbia to save the extra explaining, haha. The Dubstep scene is here is super lowkey but it’s super tight knit. Everyone in the scene here in Columbia knows each other and we’re honestly a big family. Bigger artists sell out shows here, but less mainstream EDM artists that get booked in Columbia artists end up getting cancelled due to lack of pre-sales. All in all, the EDM scene here is very underground. We get around 85 ticket sales per show I play here. But having all the homies under one roof during an EDM show that me and my friends play is very awesome and intimate.

So what got you into helping organize shows? When was your first experience playing boss and how did it go?
I have a promoter that goes by ‘Hip Hop Geek’ who does all the communication with the venues and finalizing bookings. I will say, I find the DJs to play EDM shows that he wants me to play and I make sure that all DJs go on and off at the scheduled times. My first show that i played “boss” more or less was at the beginning of this year in May. The show flowed perfectly and during the middle show of the show the bartenders actually told the promoter that they wanted us back because everyone was so nice. Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better first show!

That’s an exciting experience! Who are some producers that give you a lot of inspiration whenever you’re practicing on your mixing and production?
Oh, wow this is a very hard question for me. I am honestly inspired by almost every producer and artist I listen to. But if I were to pick a couple.. definitely MeSo from Spicy Bois, Bawldy, Tripzy Leary and when it comes to my Riddim side… Al Ross is such a huge inspiration to me. Being yourself no matter where you end up in life is everything to me. Seeing Al Ross be himself when I saw him on stage was a big inspiration for me.

What were you doing when you decided you to create Sailor Whomst?Hmm… what was I doing when I came up for the idea of Sailor Whomst… Surprise, Surprise!! I was watching Sailor Moon!! I actually have just been watching Sailor Moon for about a year now. My parents never really showed me anime growing up, so I had to take it on myself to find it!

What are you most excited about your experience at So We Heard You Like Dubstep Volume 5?
I’m excited to play with a lot of new people and get to meet some new beautiful faces! I know you booked some insanely artists and I’m crazy excited to see everyone!

Get ready for all the smiles, and chicken nuggets! What can we expect from Kay Warped for the rest of the year?
You can expect new music of course and more shows! I’ve got some things in the work but nothing is definite yet…

What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?
I got asked to play a Halloween party so I’m not exactly sure if I’m going to dress up yet! I like to be comfy whenever I play!! Thank you so much for booking me to play on November 9th and having me! See you in a few weeks homie! Love you!

You better dress up for that party brother! It’s spooky season. Much love amigo, see you soon!

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– Zyven
 (The Riddim Professor)

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