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Who is Kumarion?! (Special New Interview)

As a dedicated member of sound design culture and bass music in all of it’s entirety, I find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that high caliber producers such as Seattle native Kumarion continue to go unnoticed amongst their popular-sound-seeking peers. The longer I swim through the vast continuum of sound waves on the internet, the more I discover remarkable, unique, cutting-edge musicians falling victim to the consequences of pushing conventional music boundaries. Although many sonic innovators are beginning to gain notable traction, the star of today’s article hasn’t even seen a glimpse of the recognition I believe he deserves.

In order to offer a more personal introduction to the sophisticated bass engineer behind a growing list of irrefutably remarkable tracks like “Stuntin”, “1984”, “Want it”, and others; I’ve decided to reach out and meet him for you…

[The following is our first correspondence]

Me sliding into his SoundCloud DM: Holy crap dude. Just found your page from the Jadu Dala release and I must say, can’t believe I hadn’t known you before. Massive ups on the absolutely phenomenal tunes man. I can tell you’ve been grinding hella hard on your production and I know for a fact with each track you come from a genuine artistic place full of real, tough, complex experience in life that we all go through from time to time. Thank you for producing and thanks for sharing your work!!

Kumarion responding like the kind-hearted gangster he is: Thank you! That was literally the nicest message I have ever gotten :), thanks for the recognition!

Me: Dude! I want to write about you. I have so much more to say about your music and I would love to get more people behind you. Would that be cool?

Kumarion: Sure! Thank You 🙂

[Fast forward a few days into the Twitter DM’s after greetings & whatnot]
@Kumarionmusic on Facebook

Enter: Kumarion

Me: What were some of your biggest musical & non-musical inspirations growing up in Seattle?

Kumarion: Well my biggest inspiration in music is Noisia, hands down. They are the ones who made me think “Oh, I want to be able to do this”

Me: I can absolutely hear that in your tunes man, I can see you getting up to Noisia caliber… no doubt!

  • If you had unlimited funds for a live set design, what would it be?

Kumarion: If I had unlimited funs for a live set, It would definitely be a drift track with a crazy stage in the middle haha. Love me some fast cars and loud music!

Me: Yooo I can hear definitely hear that in your music too; particularly “Stuntin” and “1984”… Man, those track’s pack some serious HEAT. Your swagger for sure reminds me of some fast cars drifting to bass music so I 100% support your vision and will hold you to it!

  • How old are you now, how long have you been producing, and what is your musical background?

Kumarion: Im 25 years old and have been producing for about 7-ish years now, but I’ve been into music since I was a child. I was in my school’s orchestra and a couple of different bands throughout my teenage years. I eventually moved out of punk music and started producing stuff on my own.

Me: That’s super dope dude! In my opinion orchestral musicians make some of the most incredible music once they start breaking rules lol. All your tracks make it obvious that you’ve got a fantastic ear for music, but it’s cool to hear the stepping stones you’ve taken to get to where you are now musically.

  • Who are some artists you must collaborate with before you die?
  • Also, in your opinion what are some of the most important aspects of your vision for the Kumarion project?
Kumarion on Facebook


  • I don’t really have a preference, but if Subtronics ever wants to do something, I wouldn’t be opposed!
  • I just want to be able to accurately portray how I’m feeling through the power of music production. The goal is to take my fans with me on my journey of self-discovery.

Me: I hear that yo! Subtronics is a sound design legend and I can definitely see you two creating a beast, no doubt. Also I love that response, it’s exactly what I was hoping you’d say. I hear your transparency in all of your stuff and to be honest, it’s one of the biggest reasons I had to reach out for this interview.

  • If someone that doesn’t know of your music walks up to a set, what would they find?
  • I love every single one of your tracks, but if you had to pick one, which release would you say means the most to you?


  • A lot of neuro halftime and drum and bass. I think it’s going to be the sound that defines this decade.
  • That’s hard to answer, but I would say Lilith (unreleased, featured on Noisia Radio (S06E12) is definitely my favorite. I mean I love halftime and all the other stuff, but drum and bass will always be my number one love

Me: To be completely honest, I was never really into drum and bass growing up, but I have massive respect for it now because of all the artists that do it justice like yourself, Noisia, and so many others.

  • Your mix for Play Me Records features some of the hottest bass music out right now, and your track “1984” on the label is absolutely nuts! How did your relationship with Play Me Records start? Also, who are some of your favorite up-and-comers that fans should be on the look-out for?
  • What are some of your long term and short-term goals for the Kumarion project and life in general?


  • I just randomly sent them an email submission and they ended up loving it! Play Me Records hands down is one of the best things that ever happened to me. They opened the door for a lot of opportunities for me and I will always be grateful for that! And few up and comers I definitely think everyone should check out are Saka, Msft, and Something
  • My long term goal is to be able to go on my own headlining tour entirely curated by me, and also achieve to get the level of respect that I have for my inspirations as well! I want to eventually be able to have the infrastructure to be able to help undiscovered artists also accomplish their goals. My goal for this year though is to be able to hop on someone’s tour eventually by the end of this year.


I love to hear about the music industry coming in clutch. You’re in for quite a ride and I know Play Me has an equal appreciation for you. Also I know Saka and Msft (both absolute heat) but I haven’t gone into depth as far as Something goes, I will for sure though!

As long as you stay true to who you are as an artist and continue having fun with your tunes, there’s nothing that’ll ever stand in your way. I really appreciate your aspirations to help other undiscovered artists along your come up, it’s truly what drives this entire community forward.

I think thats going to do it for the interview but I hope all of you feel even more acquainted to this high-speed badmon from Seattle!

Lastly Kumarion, I know you’re into fast cars.. any favorites?

Kumarion: Beamers, I’d love to get a slammed E30 one of these days!

Well, that does it folks. This innovative bass engineer is here to stay, and I believe that he’ll continue to rapidly grow his following with each new release. Make sure to follow him on social so you don’t miss out on any of the incredible things he’s got in store, because he’s only just getting started.

He’s also got an EP called “The Incantation” coming out very soon on Play Me Records that you can Pre-Save Here

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