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Who is Saigga? [A Story about a True Riddim Overlord]

It amazes me how many young and talented producers have been taking this special underground Riddim and Dubstep scene by surprise – it seems like every other week I’m discovering some insanely well versed producer who still can’t legally perform at a club. Today, I would like to shed a little bit of light on a special producer from Criciuma who has absolutely been crushing the production game. The seventeen and under club has never been so prevalent until champions like Saigga (formerly known as KC Dubz) started showing up and showing out. I feel like the distant country of Brazil should give this man a medal for all of the fire tracks he’s been writing recently – so today, we’re giving him The Charlotte Sessions Virtual Award for Hottest New Single.

A few weeks ago, I got a call from my buddy Brian who was very excited to share a filthy new tune about some Pots and Pans with me. I told him “What about these Pots and Pans? This better slap because my brain can’t even conceptualize what’s about to happen.” Little did I know it was going to be a masterpiece by the fruitful producer from way down under. Saigga is no ordinary producer. He is an innovator, a creator, and by far one of the wonkiest sound benders that I know. This new single was crafted with non other than Michigan hero, Drippy – and to no surprise, it was released on the Los Angeles based record label, Savage Society. The catchy lyrics, “Yo I’m trying to sleep, can you turn that down? It sounds like a bunch of Pots and Pans” unleash the ultimate elephant roar that has been banging speakers all over the world for the past few months. I’ll never forget hearing OG Nixin cut up some filthy edit featuring this grimey new collab.

I would also be committing a huge Riddim Error if I didn’t share this brand new release from the F Audio Volume Two compilation that released just a few short days ago. F Audio is owned by a few dedicated gentlemen from Western Australia who happen to have a true love and passion for the Riddim Dubstep genre – and I’m beyond glad that they had Saigga oin in on the action. We now present you “Ghost Stuff.”

I have one more for you ladies and gentlemen, it appears that Saigga has linked up with the folks over at Blacklight Audio to release quite the wonky new single. If you like getting weird with your friends and unleashing some nasty Riddim stomps and bops, then “Truth“, might be the tune for you.

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– Zyven
 (The Riddim Professor)

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