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Who Is Senri Dubs? Hold On To Your Brains People! [Wild Argentina Discovery]

 As I sit in the lobby of this Carolina dealership patiently waiting for my Chevy to get its oil change, I get the news that I also need an inspection. So I started to think to myself, what’s the best way to kill some time and get creative? Naturally, I got on SoundCloud and began my expeditions through the Riddimverse to see what kind of dastardly and wonky new tunes I could discover. But after re-reading my story with Vancouver’s very own SpaceGhost, I started to think about the other man responsible for making the underground heater “Finger Blasta“, because this song is absolutely insane, and I was curious to hear some more of this mysterious player’s sounds. He goes by the name of Senri Dubs, a true mastermind at the arts of crafting unforgivably wonky bass, and one of the many reasons that Argentina will hold the title of Riddim paradise of the South.

A man of many sounds. Senri Dubs flawlessly encompasses the true essence of what it is to blend tribal sounds, random pichu appearances, slick anime vocals, and an incredibly wonky flow, all in one four and a half minute tune. Shift your mind the left with me folks, “Percussion King” will definitely be a favorite among us bass creatures.

Riddim is no foreign object for Senri Dubs.

I like all styles of Dubstep, but sometimes its nice to take a step back and let the creatives make use of such a wonky array of sounds to bring forth crafty tunes such as “Forgive It“. The mysterious figure who repeatedly says drop reminds me of Rihanna, and I’ll be damned if I haven’t danced my heart out to one too many mixes featuring her voice shouting “Like Drop Drop Drop!”. But this is different – this is Senri Dubs dishing out calm yet perfectly swanky Riddims to the masses.

The infamous OG SpaceGhost collab.
You can’t go wrong with “Sniper” folks, this tune absolutely slaps. But be wary, you might need to put your car in park for this one because it’s absolutely BONKERS. Get ready for some shifty wois and lazer punches to kick yourself into high gear today.

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Para de ser tan cabron parce! Eres un wacho muy bacano y tu musica me hace girar en circulos como un loco Argentino.

– Zyven

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