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Why is GLOCKZ so Talented? We’ll Show You!

Ladies and gentlemen, who’s ready for a little good ol fashioned musical gore? I’ve been listening to all sorts of Riddim and Hip-Hop today, but nothing made my face shrink up in pure disgust quite like the switch up on GLOCKZ new tune, “Extermination.” It seems like GLOCKZ has been coming up a lot in my life lately. The “Jagerwomb” remix contest took place not too long ago, so of course I kept seeing his name pop up around Facebook. My favorite remixes came from Binxx, Nightmare n Oni, Naifer and Croogie. My homie Stegz from Connecticut recently stopped by my house recently on his way home and he had a ton of GLOCKZ tunes on his playlists. The Belgian even played a show at Le Belmont with Cybertr0n and i7 (also from Belgium) just a few days before I played there with SpaceGhost and a whole mess of incredible artists. I felt like the stage was blessed by GLOCKZ and the gang, which made it a lot more fun when it was my turn to play. Needless to say, GLOCKZ has been beyond relevant in my life, and for that reason I’m sharing a few insane tunes with you.

I was barely getting in my car before I started freaking out and unleashing Riddim dance moves before starting my engine. My GramGreene Riddim claws were out in full effect. When I first heard “Extermination,” I was completely thrown off by this insane switch that completely shifted the vibe of the song on an inexplicable level. I can’t do this special treat justice with just my words – you’ve just got to listen to the madness my friend. The synths are out of control and certainly capable of exterminating a few souls out in the pit. If Lost Lands takes place and the world is a safe place in a few months, you better believe someone will be rinsing this tuna.

All of the sudden I got blessed with another new banger by the Jagerwomb General that was strangely enough titled “Mexican Police.” I’ve met quite a few folks from Mexico in this lifetime. In another lifetime I lived on a beach in Southern Quintana Roo, right by the border of Belize – after surviving twenty four years in Veracruz, of course. But in this reality, I’m the son of a Colombian woman. It seems that GLOCKZ has captured the essence of what it would be like to run into the likes of Corrupt Mexican Police. I really like how you can hear those sirens whaling in the background during the intro. Beware, they may come back to haunt you throughout the track. GLOCKZ must have been running from the law for making dangerous synths that would incite riots among the people of Mexico. Or maybe he fell in love with a Mexican Police officer cause he was at the right place at the right time. Who knows. But what I do know is that this tune SLAPS.

Or maybe these cops are the good guys. Interpret it however you like. Nevertheless, GLOCKZ absolutely destroyed these two tunes, and I’m glad I was able to share them with you. These are just two of the four monstrous tunes you can hear off the Decadence EP, released by non-other than Juize Box Records. Give that man a Follow and support his movement!

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– Zyven

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