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Wisconsin’s Very Own “CNTRLLA” Is The Truth

  If you sample Biggie Smalls in your newest tune, you better believe you’re going to catch the attention of more than just a few local ears. I’m very thankful for my buddy Ze from Savannah for introducing me to a new artist who goes by the name of Just John, because without this man’s newest 2K Follower Free release, I would have never discovered the likes of fellow bass mongrel Cntrlla. Low and behold, this womp maestro is from the ever so inspiring and beautiful state of Wisconsin, where everyone and everything is made of absolute gold. I may be a little biased towards Wisconsinites, but this man truly does justice by his state whenever he shows off tunes like “Suicidal THOTS” and “Esoteric”.
      I was sweeping my floor wheneverSuicidal THOTS” started banging on my cellphone. I remember looking up and thinking to myself “Oh geez he’s sampling Biggie and making him sound like a struggling astronaut.” At this moment, I read the name out nice and slow so that I could capture the essence of this new discovery. CN TRL LA. I’m totally about it. For that heavily wonky and galactic approach to The Notorious BIG’sSuicidal Thoughts” that you never knew existed, I heavily recommend clicking on the play button below because you’re in for a big surprise.

     “Esoteric” is the perfect tune to play with your friends after successfully landing your cosmos friendly rocket ship back on earth. As Space Jesus recently said at the infamous EDC Orlando gathering, “you might want to take off your space suits for this one.” I’m not sure if I recall the name of the caves that we were exploring on Eastern Mars a few weeks ago, but I can assure you that we would have had better luck with the locals if we have this Cntrlla tune handy. But be careful, “Esoteric” will draw anyone who’s exposed to its sounds near you. So unless you’re ready to divulge all the best kept secrets of Space Bass to your whole neighborhood, I would highly recommend keeping this one within the family. But if you pride yourself on teaching people new things, then jam that puppy at the loudest volume possible as you drive through your city’s downtown area, just beware the hoards of newfound bass zombies that will be chasing you down!

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Whenever you leave the house… make sure you pack your Cntrlla.

– Zyven

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