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Wooli and Mastadon Team Up for a Deadly, Yet Legal “Elephant March”

Sit with me on this thought for a second my friends… This new collaboration between the Los Angeles Wooli and Sydney Mastadon, sounds like the perfect theme song for a mechanoid Safari jungle run? It’s as if the elephants in this foreign Safari were actually some sort of robotic cross breed that feels nothing but the need to destroy all humans they encounters! This is no ordinary hunt folks – in Wooli and Mastadon’s world, the Elephant is chasing the hunter. I was very glad that I hopped on EDM Twitter today to see what was going on in the wide diverse world of Bass Music producers. I saw a catchy tweet from Wooli regarding a new single that was co-produced with Mastadon that had just recently hit the realms of Spotify – the name “Elephant March” sounded extremely promising.

As I shuffled my fingers to pull open the green and black logo, I couldn’t help but think how fantastic the day that I finally catch both of the producers live will truly be. As the worried voice of a scared hunter moans about the imminent elephants attack, the mystifying sound of Travis Richter’s guitar blends itself into the track before unleashing a filthy iron-clad, four legged screeching wompified, drop that gave me instant Dubstep chills. If you want to experience some seriously heavy new Dubstep, I suggest clicking play below to listen to “Elephant March” today! (P.S. Tell me if you can catch the little “Come with a chune” Blockz sample.)

EDIT: Here’s some incredible footage of Mastadon’s North America debut that took place this past weekend in Montreal!

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The Elephants Are Taking Over!

– Zyven

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