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Wooli & Detrace Will Blow You Away with New Track “Kong”

     It was finally time to unleash this song from the grungy gutter from which it came. I hope your fists and neck are fully charged, because this new collaboration that Wooli and Detrace jut put out is about to have you wrecked. Detrace must have left the mountains of Denver, Colorado in search of a much colder, harsher, and wilder environment to create music. So he set foot on a journey to Antarctica, where he discovered a lone Wooli crafting layers for a filthy Dubstep track designed to make everyone in the Southern hemisphere go wild. Somehow they must have found a way to communicate with one another, and after a week long excursion throughout snowy caves all across the top of this planet we call earth, “Kong” was born. It doesn’t surprise me that Never Say Die picked up this exhilarating tune, they know how to get this kind of music out to the right people!

   I will never forget hearing this heavy hitter for the first time during an extremely rare, Funtcase performance in Pompano Beach Florida during the Ninja Nation Tour. But maybe it was his remix of the tune? Because Wooli was on the same tour, and I can’t imagine they would both play the same song. But unless Funtcase has his own “King Kong” song hidden under his sleeve, then it had to be a secret remix. Needles to say, if I had to describe the components of this song with these mere words, it wouldn’t be doing it justice. So please kind sir/madam, smash that play button below and find out for yourself!

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