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Would You Eat DMVU and Tvboo’s Sass?

But seriously, would you? A few months ago I took notice of a truly special concert happening in the Queen City that was bound to to leave wobble hunters and bassheads with a few lifelong memories. It was the Charlotte debut of Jackson, Mississippi’s very own Bass bovine ridin’, daisy pickin’, PBR drinkin’ cowboy, TVBOO and the Denver, Colorado backwoods rollin’, bbq chicken lickin’ Space cadet, DMVU. The Eat My Sass Tour was finally making it’s way to our hometown favorite venue, SERJ, and I could not have been more excited. It was my final Saturday night before venturing off to Florida, and I was ready to get down and funky with my friends.

Not a lot of people know this, but I’ve put well over 1700 miles on my car to catch some filthy DMVU sets (and to see my friends) in the past. That thirteen hour drive started in Chicago, with a stop in Raleigh to pick up my boy, and finally ending in Greensboro to catch some slimey DMVU drops. The other time I drove seven hours straight to catch him and Lord Swan3x throw down at a Latin club in Columbus, Ohio. I ended up making friends with a funny wook named Nick and brought him over to Greensboro to experience my city’s culture and paint at the Boogie T. after party. As for TVBOO, I had discovered him some time in 2018 and really enjoyed the tunes he had to offer to this galaxy. I’ll never forget the first time I saw him turn a crowd full of headbangers into squishy aliens at the second year of Lost Lands. I was inspired by the hilarity of some of his music, and I ended up writing a piece on his classic banger, “Littering and Smoking Reefer.” Needless to say, I really enjoy their craft and I’m glad all of my homies in Charlotte had a chance to experience that before the world started imploding.

That evening proved one thing to me: DMVU’s dolphin sounds and TVBOO’s wonky synths deserve to be heard in the same night – like one right after the other. Maybe even at the same time. While I didn’t get to bless Matt (DMVU) with one of my Riddim rings of prosperity, brotherhood and gangsterosity, I wound up meeting Mitch (TVBOO) later on that evening and entrusted him with the most important task of the new decade: to drink an extinct, never to be crafted again beer from what used to be Jackson’s greatest brewery: Lucky Town, and to also give Matt his ring. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of catching Mitch destroy Forbidden Kingdom with out of this world dubs and some more than average stand up comedy. It was actually one of the greatest spectacles I’ve ever witnessed.

But today, ladies and gentlemen, marks the day that I’m sharing their brand new collaboration “Eat My Sass” with all of you. Imagine this: you’ve just landed on Mercury (turns out there’s life up there) and you’ve walked into a saloon on the west side of the planet and see a guy that gives you the stink eye from the moment you walk in those doors. You order yourself a Coors 20XL-12, thank the bartender, grab your drink bring it up to the top of your lips, but before you can even taste the foam, that weird guy who’s been eyeing you ever since you walked in slaps the beer straight out of your hand. You respond to the purple eyed, triple nose, seven foot five space creature in the most appropriate way ever: “Eat my Sass bitch!” *Cue the extraterrestrial laser sounds*

Much love to the Liquid crew: Kelsey x Hannah x Shaun, the homies Rory, Matt H., BroMosapien, Ryan, Churro, Joneses, Scotty, Chachi, Erich, Kitty, Lamont and all the OGs of SERJ, Tommy and Tyler and of course Matt and Mitch for making February 8th and 9th very memorable days for me. I appreciate all the love, support and hospitality you all have shown and continue to show me through this lifetime. And a huge thanks to Sugar Society and Disco Donnie for making this show happen!

Be sure to check out DMVU’s latest full length project, Two Pairs of Eyes, Gazing at Eachother.

Also be sure to check out this insane new collab between Jantsen and TVBOO! You’re going to be glad you did 😉

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