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 I’m not really familiar with the bassheads that populate the good ole city of Richmond, but one thing I know for sure is that they are most DEFINITELY not ready for the grime that’s going down on February 16th at the Canal Club (to be completely honest neither am I).

      I always hear amazing things about the events that The Bassment Family delivers to the East Coast, so i’m especially stoked to finally get the chance to see what these folks are about, as they usher in the Breakout Tour to the River City. A few of their recent shows include the likes of DJ Sliink and Digital Ethos. The fact that these Virginia audible connoisseurs booked three of Bass Music’s most exceptional Dubstep professionals Bandlez Xaeboramazes me in more ways than one can imagine. I’m a full supporter of the underground.

First things first I’d like to show some love for the dashing gentleman getting the night started. These guys are on their hustle and are highly responsible for making this show happen. I love seeing local DJ’s hold their own during earlier time slots, and i’m stoked to see what these hustlers plan to throw down. Get there early and you just might discover something incredible. This Friday we’ll be starting the night off with the likes of local DJ’s Dark MattahJust Add WaterRuckle, and Sacred Connection. I’m positive these acts will do as much as humanly possible to prepare us for the carnage, although, I have this strong feeling theres not much we’ll be able to do to prepare for when the three men of the hour assume their positions behind the decks.

    If you haven’t heard of these national headlining producers before, stop reading this and CLICK the play button below. Because you’ve been missing out on some THICC WUBS.



For the rest of you that have been blessed with the wubs, courtesy of these three grime goons, I’m sure you agree that both Bandlez & Xaebor have been obliterating the Soundcloud airwaves lately, mutually dropping wonky heat on the regular, as their careers skyrocket. Bandlez has been enjoying some heavy attention in festival airways across America with their massive tunes “Bing Bong” and Bubba Bounce. I’d say its definitely worth all the recognition it’s received. With a insatiable mix of dubstep, filthy trap, and OH SH*T drops, fans are certainly set for a treat when these skillful acts step behind the decks.

    I would easily make the decision to go to the show even if Bandlez was the only act performing, but NO. The Bassment is spoiling us with not just Bandlez but also with the California based tycoon, XAEBOR. This dude easily has one the sickest flows I have ever heard from a riddimite, and I can only imagine how disgusting his set will be be this Friday in Richmond. Xaebor quickly rose to fame in the underground Bass Music scene by dropping countless bangers such as his Buygore release Blade and among many many others, his release on the Never Say Die Black Label, “Foul (VIP)” along with a plethora of other great hits. Oh yeah, and the tune Ignant tells you a little something about his swagger too.

   With these acts rising to the tops of the ranks during the riddim rush of 2017, we are now fortunate enough to witness them throw down live on the front end of 2018. I’m praying we start seeing more riddimites play bigger ticket events, but until then these three live at an intimate venue like the Canal Club is undoubtedly going to a DISGUSTING show.

 I’ve been impatiently waiting for the opportunity to enter my Riddim spirit final form, and with the three of these chop shop masters on the same lineup, you better believe I’ll be in full transformation mode this weekend. This night without a doubt, is absolutely unmissable. How could you pass up on an opportunity to filth face so hard you’ll cramp? I mean honestly, just look at the flier and tell me you’d rather binge watch Stranger Things than witness these guys throw down in more ways that any human being could imagine. If you decide to boss your life up like the other risky headbangers that have Purchased Their Tickets Already, not only will you be witnessing the show of a lifetime but you’ll get the chance to see me go full super saiyan.

Cheers to all my bass disciples,

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– Tristan Waters

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