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[Video] Yheti *7 Minutes of Riddim* – 6 AM Sunrise Set

     This is what a Yheti Sunrise Set looks like. A lot of magic went in to making this special performance take place; the small art gallery turned rave room was a big surprise, it created the perfect intimate setting to live up this experience. Big Ups to Ally, Jared, and all the crew from The Gradient Perspective for setting up that massive stage. Huge congratulations to JackJacob, and Rico for putting together such incredible visuals. My brain was in pieces after those 150 amazing minutes. This was definitely one of the most memorable and extraordinary musical experiences of 2017. Nightmare Festival is definitely now a home for us. We can’t wait to see what Badass Raves has in store for Dreamscape Festival in early June! Also, be on the lookout for the full Sunrise Set review! That’s where I get deep with my experience at Camp Ramblewood during that unforgettable, dark, musical adventure that was Yheti’s Sunrise Set <3

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