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Yonderville Discovery: TCS Meets Mystic Grizzly

    Sometimes in life, we get lucky enough to live in a city with a few local hometown hero producers who truly have that personality that makes you want to be their friend. Well our guy Crowell left us for the West Coast, but it’s still nice to hear road trip stories from homies who went to experience a show with their own hometown hero! A few months back, a New Jersey Riddim queen named Aubrey told me she was riding out with her friend Mystic Grizzly to catch him play some gnarly show, in Randomcity, USA.

 Flash forward a few months to a very early shenanigan session with my boys Beach, Justin and Ludge, and I’m now staring at this cheery faced, sleek haired, skinny fella who looked like he deserved a compliment. For some reason, the time I spent Electric Forest brought whatever shy part of me existed out of my shell, and Yonderville Music and Arts Festival soon crushed that shy guy out of existence, so I had no problem telling the new homie Jordan that he had nice hair. For some reason, I remembered in the back of my head that Aubrey’s producer friend was named Jordan, and I don’t know if it was the energy in the air, or whether my subconscious had heard the words Mystic Grizzly spoken just a few minutes prior, but something connected in my brain, and led me to ask him if he was in fact mister Mystic Grizzly.

Who is the Grizzly bear?

 Low and behold, I was finally meeting the guy who my buddy John booked for a free show at Firmament in Greenville, South Carolina just a few weeks prior. It was really nice finally putting a name to a face, especially a name that was spoken so highly by my Riddim loving friend. Jordan turned out to be a complete pal – he was that high spirited character that everyone could party with. There’s a reason why Jordan has been spreading love and positivity all over the world, whether it’s through music, dance, or simply an afternoon full of gang shxt, Mystic Grizzly will be sharing the righteous message.

    I was a little upset that I had to miss out on the Ft. Lauderdale based musician’s next level performance, but I made a very important promise to my buddy Tophat that I would come see him play direct support for Infekt in Virginia Beach. But you know what that means, right? My first Mystic Grizzly set will be ten million times more astronomical since I came through with my word and didn’t give in to temptation by staying at Yonderville for the rest of the weekend. A few of my suggested tracks include… Stay on the lookout for Mystic Grizzly’s newest project “Satellite Work” to hit all streams of music in the coming months – at least before the year is over I hope!

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We are all reborn in the mountains of North Carolina.

– Zyven

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