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Yonderville Discovery: Unlimited Gravity

 Some people hate the professor jacket, because they didn’t think of it first, – but others really like the craft and design that went into creating it, one of these like minded, awesome individuals includes the likes of Denver based producer, Unlimited Gravity, whom I had just discovered on my drive to Yonderville Music & Arts Festival. Whenever I met Ronnie, I told him that the main reason I was hyped for his performance was because he took the time to post in the festival event page, expressing his excitement to perform for all of us Yondervillians. Naturally, I asked my new friend to jot down a few things in my notebook – and what he jotted down was extremely important. Two simple things: his email, and a claim that Boggy Draw Brewery is his favorite local Brewhouse!

The jolly spirit quickly disappeared
as show time approached – Unlimited Gravity hopped up on stage with a demeanor that showed nothing but eagerness and thrill as he prepared his mindset for the new crowd in front of him. If I had to describe the overall nature of this Coloradan’s sound selection, it would have to be like some kind of intergalactic speed chase, as a four eyed alien criminal rushes through space trying to escape his impending doom. But just before he can kick it into hyperspeed, he’s caught by the universal law enforcement, ending his massive streak of tyranny. In a sense, Unlimited Gravity was capable of throwing strange, wobble heavy bangers while bringing in a melodic touch to give fans a sense of serenity, but just for a few moment. Some of Unlimited Gravity’s top notch singles include Awakening“, which recently dropped on MHSM Records, “She’s Gonna Get Yuh” and “Out of My Mind” which samples a very familiar B.o.B. lyric in beacon of lazer-ific glory. I would definitely recommend checking out this bass monster if you ever get the chance!

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Dance Till You Drop

– Zyven

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