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Yonderville Re-Discovery: Big Chocolate

   Let’s take a trip back down memory lane – you’re barely sixteen, figuring out what kind of music exists in the world and you don’t know a lick about Dubstep except for the few Borgore and Flux Pavilion songs that you just discovered earlier that week, while your homies are blasting some Skrillex in your ear before homeroom. Back then it was nearly impossible to find a quality rave, or Dubstep concert, it was such a rarity. But in 2011, there were a few producers who actually had a chance to shine and show off their talents all over the country as they toured with the Warped Tour. Well, it may have taken me seven years to finally cross of this Nevadan wizard of a producer off my must see bucket list, but because of Yonderville Music & Arts Festival, I was finally able to do so! When I read that Big Chocolate was going to be playing this Virginia based music festival, I knew I was in for a special treat.

 Me being the outgoing and personable Zyven that I am, I found out who this Big Chocolate fella was so that I could introduce myself and chat a little bit before his set. One thing that I will say about the shiny headed, eccentric producer, is that he is in love with the music scene, and what he has built since starting his musical career so many years ago. Cameron is a kind hearted, highly motivated soul who has big plans for the new sounds that he’s been working on in the past year. While Big Chocolate is an extremely versatile producer, who’s made some very filthy, Dubstep, Trap, Drum & Bass and Experimental tracks, such as Blue Milk,” “SunLove,” “Yama and “One B“, the showmanship and craft that was thrown into his performance was composed of nearly all strange and bass heavy Deep Dubstep tracks.

What I expected to be a hyped up, highly intense performance, because Cameron seemed like such an energetic individual, turned out to be a wonky journey through the deepest pockets of the ocean that truly caught my attention. I have a good feeling that Big Chocolate’s future releases will include a good selection of the special tunes that were performed during his Yonderville set. One thing that still resonates in my mind is what an action packed, quick paced Big Chocolate set will sound like – I know that I’ll have another chance to catch this don play once again!

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– Zyven

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