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YUNIT, The Wisconsin Riddim Machine

As the French say, tabarnak de calisse! The Saint Louis, Missouri legend, Bommer has teamed up with one of the wildest producers coming up in the Riddim scene. I’m talking about the Midwest terror, YUNIT! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the head honcho of the Sweater Gang has decided it’s finally time to join forces with non other than the Wisconsin Riddim Machine to bring forth a truly spicy and gruesome tuna for the world to enjoy – and for a very good reason too, YUNIT. slaps.

I’ve been meaning to put together a little story about YUNIT for a few weeks now – as I was raging in the kitchen with my dog Dexter, I realized I was the only two foot mammal in the household, so volume control wasn’t an issue. I turned this new banger up to 11 and let out a huge Riddim roar as the drop in “No Cap” finally kicked in the door harder than the 2019 SWAT raid in Madison. But this story wouldn’t be complete without sharing his 3K free download, “LOADED.” When you hear those synths and growls, you’ll understand why I’m such a big supporter of this allstar. He’s got Wisconsin on lock right now.

Last but certainly not least is a massive collaboration that was created with a very prominent producer from Belgium who still can’t legally drive a car! CLOCK is an absolute madman, and I’m glad YUNIT knows it. PS. It turns out that Kenosha’s very own Molokai is teaming up with YUNIT. to create something truly spicy. I don’t really get excited about tunes that are in the works because, I guess it’s because sometimes these tunes never get released. But after talking with Molokai at the recent Bassnectar Pre-Party in Kentucky, it sounds like this tune is going to absolutely destroys. Much love Yunit! Thank you for the hardwork!


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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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