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DJ of the Day (0021): Zeke Beats (WHAAAT)

In The Deep Dark Realms Of The Interweb,

At first I found myself listening to songs off the new EP collaboration, Mind, between the Santa Cruz producing guru G Jones and outer space connoisseur Bleep Bloop, but then after getting dragged back into my intense game of Fallout 4, I let the playlist go on and somehow found myself listening to this

dark, deep glitch, space like track that made me feel like I was in a video game. And it turned out to be none other than Australian producer Zeke Beats. In all seriousness I just discovered the man, but his music is something you would hear at one of those sick warehouse raves where everyone is zooted out of their minds. Yeah I said it. He makes some of the strangest, weirdest, and most intricate sounds I’ve ever heard, and I really, really dig it.

Our DJ of the Day has got it going on. I listened to this Zeke Beats & Bleep Bloop collab, crazy. A few beers in and everything starts to sound like space music.

And finally something that you non-psychotic people can probably bounce to, here is “Doge.”

Zeke Beats you’re f**king crazy, keep making awesome music.

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–   Zyven

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