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     Calling all Riddim Robots, I repeat! Calling all Riddim Robots! Before launching the worldwide takeover to transform every human into a Riddim lover, General Zubah from the 47th Atlanta Brigade has a very important message for all of you cadets! This just in, Queen Paragon of Montreal has just issued an attack on our enemies over seas – an attack that will hold back our massive worldwide takeover! One of her hit singles “Die High” caused a massive uproar in random pockets of North America upon its release in January. However, last week, this dangerous single received the proper Zubah treatment and has now undergone a inter-dimensional shift that may pose as a true threat to modern society.

What was once a 20 foot long bass canon that could only reach a target up to 3000 miles away has now become a fully upgraded, 50 foot Mark III Bass Canon that can reach enemies up to 10,000 miles away. We advise you listen to the Zubah remix of “Die High” at your own risk. The world isn’t ready for this robo-swamp Atlanta x Montreal Riddim attack!

Bonus: Paragon x Zubah: “ONE POUND”

Check out the original collab that helped create this relationship!

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Paragon + Zubah = Trouble!

– Zyven

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